Ofsted Report – August 2018

Summary of key findings for parents

The provision is good

  • Staff know the children well. They closely monitor what children know and can do, and effectively plan for what children need to learn next. This contributes to the good progress that children make.
  • Staff create a happy environment where children and families feel welcome. Staff work well together as a team. This helps children to feel confident and emotionally secure.
  • The dedicated provider, management team and staff continuously evaluate and reflect on their practice to develop the nursery. They value and act upon feedback from parents and children. This helps benefit children and results in a service that is continually improving.
  • Staff are good at supporting children’s emotional well-being. For example, they reassure children who are a little unsettled and give consistent praise to children to help them celebrate their own achievements.

Outcomes for children are good

  • Children make good progress from their starting points. They are eager to join in activities and are developing skills that prepare them for moving on to school. Children focus well, play collaboratively and are motivated and keen to learn new things. For example, older children enjoy exploring technology resources and learn to take turns. Babies and young chidren confidently move their bodies as staff sing action rhymes. Children are developing good social skills and an ability to sit and listen.

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