We provide 5 hours per week free childcare for children who attend The Willows three or more days per week (excluding Government funded hours)

Early Pre-School Room

Our Early Pre-School Room is for children aged from 2-3 Years. This is a large room with ample space for exploration.

Situated on the ground floor, this room has easy access to an Outdoor Play Area, giving the children the opportunity to access the Outdoors, at least twice a day, whatever the weather.

The Outdoor area has many resources, which are free standing and therefore easily manoeuvred to create obstacle courses or pushed back for big group games. This area is securely fenced and very private.

The children have the option of playing on the equipment, taking part in adult organised activity or playing freely in the digging area.

In our Creative Area, children can explore activities such as painting, or play in the Tactile trays.

There is a cosy Book Area, where children can relax independently or spend time with their Key Person or Peers, sharing story time.

There is also a Music Area and the room has low shelving, throughout, allowing children to access their own resources.

To encourage independence, there are low toilets and sinks. Coat hooks are low placed, so that children can reach their own coats, ready for Outdoor Play. Children are also encouraged to serve food and drinks themselves.

Emily is the room leader of our Early Pre-School Room.