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21 Firth Street
West Yorkshire

For children who attend The Willows three or more days per week (excluding Government funded hours), we provide 5 hours per week free childcare. These free hours are funded entirely by us!

Holiday Club

We offer exciting experiences and opportunities for children attending The Willows. During the holidays, children are escorted on various outings in one of our people carriers; such as visits to Ponderosa, dinosaur hunts, and picnics in the park. This encourages friendships to be made between children of different ages and schools.

Breakfast/After School Club

Our school room provides a safe environment, in which children can relax and socialise out of school hours. With various areas, children can do their homework, play with their peers, or just relax after a busy school day. We have a wide range of equipment, including computers, game consoles, a football table, and reading materials. Children are encouraged to set their own rules, which leads to independence and responsibility amongst children of all ages.

Outdoor Play

All children have access to a large, secure, outdoor decked playground at the rear of the nursery, which has a wide range of climbing equipment, balancing equipment, and a variety of wheeled toys.